In order to employ any of our candidates to be your househelp, you will initially need to select a membership package.

Our services are two-fold. Firstly, we will vet your chosen househelp thoroughly. Secondly, we will manage your househelp on an ongoing basis when they start working for you.

The membership package you select will determine the level of coverage of our services you will be able to access.

The three packages are: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Memberships lasts for a lifetime, but can only be used to cover the employment of one candidate.

If you want to employ an additional candidate, you will have to pay for another membership.

Our Membership Packages

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Background Check

Guarantor Backing

Home Verification

Medical Test (Group A)

Medical Test (Group B)

Village Verification

Police Station Registration

Vetting Stage




1 Day Orientation

Househelp Support Services®




Salary Payments

Salary Advances

Complaints Handling

Holiday Management

Househelp Replacement

Performance Appraisal

Training & Development

Relief/Cover Staff


6 Monthly Medical Test

Uniform Provided


12 Policies Enforcement


Disciplinary Handling





We will test the candidate for:

pregnancy, HIV, hepatitis B and tuberculosis.

We will test the candidate for:

hepatitis A & C, typhoid screening and widal test.

We will travel to the candidate's village for verification purposes and to meet their family members.

If your househelp misbehaves or breaks any of our codes of conduct, we will be responsible for disciplining them.

Your selected candidate will be obligated to sign and abide by all of our 12 policies. These policies have become necessary as a way of preventing some of the issues that can pose a risk in the employment of your househelp. Problems such as: excessive use of phone, working less than 3 months, stealing, associating/befriending with outsiders, promiscuity, travelling in December and not returning, amongst others.

If your househelp is ill or goes

on leave, we will immediately deploy cover staff to provide temporary replacement.

All our candidates have to be background checked. This includes checking their previous employment, family history, religious background, and address history.


We are responsible for paying your househelp their salary because they work for us. So this means you pay as, and we remove our commission (20%) and pay them.


If your househelp leaves, or you are not happy with them, we will be responsible for providing a replacement. We provide unlimited replacements.




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