I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our clients and hope that this year will bring you many successes for you and your entire family.

2019 was an eventful year for Find a Househelp with both ups and downs. On the upside, we increased our client base to 305 families currently employing our candidates (with a majority residing in Port Harcourt); two high ranking commissioners employed candidates from us; we expanded into Benin, Umuahia & Asaba; one of our employees got married and is still working for us; we employed one new member of staff; we redesigned our website and we launched a sister company (FindaSalesgirl.com.ng).

On the downside, we arrested two employees for stealing; a huge percentage of new househelps worked less than 3 months; we involved the police in the matter of a client’s husband who tried to force an illicit affair with one of our househelps. Despite these challenges, the biggest issue we still face is trying to deal with the inconsiderate, heartless, pathetic, idiotic, unpredictable, selfish, foolish, rotten, narrow-minded and unbelievable behaviours displayed by househelps of nowadays. One of our househelps, in an attempt to travel for December, made up a cock and bull story that her step father had died. To make matters worse even her own mother corroborated her story. We felt pity and allowed her to travel only for us to realise that it was all a lie.

We wouldn’t be a learning organisation if we didn’t learn from these challenges and respond by making improvements to our business operations. When starting this business a few years ago, one of the things I knew was important, was for us to keep improving our services through the lessons we learn from our challenges. This is the only way we can gain and sustain competitive advantage. I think we have been successful in doing this.

Our Improvements for 2019

Introduction of new threat limiting policies

In 2019, our clients experienced various issues that posed a potential threat to them and their families. Threats such as househelp’s propensity to break our codes of conduct, to steal, to work short term; to travel in December and not return; to constantly be on their phone; to associate and befriend security men, neighbours and other people outside of the confines of the client’s household; to be influenced by their family and friends.  All these are potential threats that could have an impact on the employment of househelps.

From 2019, all new candidates who want to work for us as househelps will have to sign various polices not to commit these threats. But signing a policy doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t commit these threats, so how do we make sure they keep to their agreement? The answer is that we make them sign a Retained Salary policy, which allows us to constantly withhold their 1 month salary and only pay it to them when their employment ends and only if they haven’t breached any of the polices they agree to follow during their employment.

Furthermore, if they do commit any of these threats and we instantly dismiss them, the Retained Salary Policy gives us the right to seize their retained salary and use it to fund the cost of their replacement. So its in their best interest to behave themselves to avoid the risk of losing their one month’s hard work.

New Replacement Policy

Previously, all clients had a limited number of replacements. But we have changed the rules. All clients are now entitled to unlimited number of replacements. What is different now is who pays for the cost of replacement which is set at N8,500 (to cover medical test and transportation costs etc).

The new rules states that: if your househelp decides to quit their employment out of their own choice, then they will fund the cost of replacement from their retained salary. If clients want to replace a househelp that hasn't breached a criminal of heavy misconduct, then the client will have to fund the cost of the replacement. If we, the recruitment company chooses to withdraw a househelp who hasn't breached any of their codes of conduct then we will fund the cost of the replacement. Its that simple.

New Membership Packages

From 2019 we will be introducing membership packages for new clients who want to use our services. The packages include: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Find out more here.

The Bronze member will allow clients to employ any of our candidates but deal with him/her directly without our involvement. The Silver membership will offer all our standard services in the vetting and management of househelps. Whilst the Gold membership will offer all that the Silver membership offers plus a whole lot more including: more medical tests (hepatitis A & C, malaria screening & widal test) conducted once every 6 months, village address verification, police station verification, 6 monthly performance appraisals, 6 monthly training & development, sickness & holiday cover and uniform for live out househelps.

Of course, some of these services were promised to clients who selected registration option A, but with financial and time constraints these services were unfortunately not being offered adequately. So now with the Gold membership we have dedicated ourselves to providing these extra services.

All existing clients who previously chose registration option A will be put on the Silver membership with an option to upgrade to Gold membership for a small fee.


We hope that 2019 will be a more successful year for Find a Househelp as we get more and more closer to realising our vision of becoming Nigeria’s leading and most trusted househelp recruitment company. We also hope that you will bear with us as we make more mistakes, learn from our mistakes and make improvements to avoid those same mistakes.

Thanks, and have a great year!

Boma Omuso

CEO, Find a Househelp

New Year’s Statement from the CEO

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