Employing a househelp to work in your home has its own pressures. Aside from worrying about whether your househelp does their duties well or not, you also have to deal with paying them on time, allowing them to go on leave and making sure they return on time, looking for a replacement if they decide to leave, disciplining them appropriately if they do something wrong, amongst other concerns.

When you use our services you don’t have to worry about these concerns, because we will handle all these employment related issues on your behalf. The idea is simple: Your househelp is employed by us to work in your home. Once your househelp starts working for you, we will be responsible for managing all their affairs, from paying their salary to disciplining them if they breach any of our codes of conduct. This is what we call our Househelp Support Services.

Househelp Support Services

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Quarterly training & development

Every three months we provide all our employed househelps with skills acquisition training (e.g. basic sewing, computer training, cake baking, first aid).

Dispute resolution & intervention

If there is conflict between you and your househelp, we may visit your home in order to address the issue. We don’t believe in taking a knee jerk reaction to dismissing househelps, if we can resolve the issue for the househelp to continue in their employment, we would rather do so.

Performance appraisal (Gold membership)

Once in 12 months, we will visit you and your househelp in order to carry out an assessment of their performance and behaviour. This will enable us to identify the househelp’s weaknesses and work with them to improve.

Sickness cover (Gold membership)

If your househelp is sick and unable to perform their duties, we will dispatch relief staff to provide temporary cover until your househelp has fully recovered.

Salary payments

We are responsible for paying the salary of your househelp every month. You pay us and we pay them.

Replacement of househelp

If you are totally unhappy with the performance or behaviour of your househelp, you are entitled to replace him or her with another candidate from our database. The replacement takes place immediately.

Handling of complaints & disciplinary procedure

If your househelp misbehaves or under performs, you can report it to us and we will take swift action to discipline them.

Holiday management

If your househelp wants to take their leave, they have to formally request it through us. We will only approve their leave if it doesn’t affect you and your family’s routine.




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